High Speed Data Loggers

Selection of high speed data loggers for capturing dynamic signals and other rapidly changing signals or transients. Loggers with high channel count combined with fast sampling of 50kHz sampling rate per channel.

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High speed data loggers and data acquisition systems can capture dynamic signals such as pressure transients, dynamic force, strain and acceleration, and other rapidly changing signals or transients.

  • Novus FieldLoggers are high-speed data loggers with lots of available memory and many connectivity options.
  • Delphin Technology Loggers are sophisticated solutions capable of fast sampling speeds, including the TopMessage and Expert Logger lines of DAQ systems.

Custom programmable, 8 and 16 channel, mixed-input loggers with high measurement precision (24-bit ADC). Remotely connect via WiFi, UMTS or LTE.  Suitable for industrial and commercial application such R&D, test stands, vibration or condition monitoring, NDT applications, and more. Off-the-shelf loggers and custom configured solutions available upon request.

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