Influx data Loggers are sophisticated CAN-based vehicle data logging systems that meet exacting vehicle engineering demands. For vehicle and automotive testing applications. North American distributor.

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These sophisticated devices capture real-time data from many CANbus protocols including temperature, RPM, brake and throttle settings, speed, and more.

The Influx Rebel series data loggers provide a flexible and affordable communications interface for in-vehicle electronic modules. Utilizing multiple high-speed microprocessors, they can simultaneously capture data from up to 7 different CANbus sources with additional analog sensor options available.

Key features:

  • Palm sized FlexRay data logger.
  • Recorded data is stored on either a SD card in PC readable format.
  • Rebel CAN bus data loggers support silent mode and deep sleep mode with WakeOnCAN.
  • Powered direct from the OBDll or J1939.
  • Compatible with applications written for the SAE J-2534 Pass-Thru protocol.
  • Communication channels include up to 7 CAN buses, K-Line, 3 LIN, LAN and 2 FlexRay channels.
  • Options include highly accurate GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi and XYZ accelerometer.

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