Light Data Loggers

Selection of high-accuracy, easy-to-use light data loggers for indoor lighting and UV studies, energy audits or lighting analysis. Models with wireless, WiFi & USB with temperature, RH% and LCD display.

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Light Data Loggers are perfect for indoor lighting, UV exposure studies, and solar energy measurements. Depending on the measurement and application, light loggers may report data as illuminance in lux, UV intensity in mW/cm2 or solar radiance in W/m2.

For indoor applications, there are the T&D 74Ui and T&D 574 Light data loggers. They are perfect for museum applications as they record 4 key parameters:

  • Illuminance, the total amount of visible light incident on a surface per unit area; it is wavelength-weighted to correlate with human brightness perception
  • UV intensity which can be critical in assessing light related degradation of artwork, carpets or fabrics.
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

For solar applications, the PV-3 data logger records solar irradiance using a pyranometer. Irradiance is slightly different than illuminance in that it is the total radiant energy received at a surface corrected for the angle at which it is received. On a clear day in the middle of the US with the sun directly overhead, a typical irradiance would be about 1000 W/m2. The PV-3 data logger also records DC voltage and current making it perfect for capturing data from solar cells and solar panels.

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