Low-Cost Data Loggers

Low-cost data loggers for temperature, humidity, voltage, current, and more. USB, Bluetooth and WiFi models, battery powered, with or without display – ideal for cost sensitive applications.

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These inexpensive, stand-alone models are ideal for cost sensitive applications in storage and shipping, manufacturing, and education. Models are available for measurement of temperature, humidity, voltage, current, and event/state change and more with options including an LCD display and alarm indication.

Depending on your interface preference or requirement, data loggers are available with USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, Ethernet and Infrared communications. These devices offer perfect solutions for cold chain monitoring during storage and transit, simple refrigerator and freezer monitoring systems, medical and laboratory monitoring and more.

Low-cost data loggers are available from multiple manufacturers. Based on your specific requirement, our Applications Specialists can direct you to models from Lascar, TandD, CAEN RFID or VersaLog. Whatever your data logging needs, you can find a suitable product.

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