dataTaker Universal Input Loggers

dataTaker Intelligent, Universal Input data logging systems provide robust, reliable and flexible solutions. These 18 models of cost-effective loggers fit any need or application in any industry: Construction, Process Monitoring, Geotechnical, Manufacturing, Industrial, Scientific, Infrastructure, Aerospace, Automation, Environmental, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Mining, Utility and more …

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dataTaker Family Overview

Universal / Industrial Models

Wireless Models

Geotechnical Models

Environmental Models

Expansion Models

  • Accepts virtually any type of input
  • Flexible & Versatile Communications
  • Painless data exchange
  • Simple Browser Based User Interface
  • No software to buy!
  • New Series 4: Faster, Smarter, & Wireless options
Industrial Models

Wireless / Cellular Models

Geotechnical Models

Environmental Models

dEX Software

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