Delphin Profisignal Software

Profisignal Software is a comprehensive software package for data acquisition, visualization, analysis and automation using Delphin instruments. Available in three versions with a range of options to extend its functionality, Profisignal is a scalable system that provides a consistent interface whether there are 10 or 1000 channels in the application.

Profisignal Go provides continuous on-line trend analysis of measured data with the ability to selectively record data.

Profisignal Basic adds a toolbox of visualization objects, reporting and basic automation functions.

Profisignal Klicks extends the automation capabilities of Basic with a full point and click programming language for test automation,  parameter and recipe management and automated report generation. 

For specific applications, there are several options to extend the functionality of Profisignal including a FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Option with security and audit trail logging, an AlarmManagement Option, a Vibro Option which adds FFT, orbit and spectrogram diagrams, and a SQL Option to enable connection to company database systems.

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