Expert Transient Data Acquisition System

Delphin Expert Transient data acquisition systems are high-performance systems optimized to capture transient and periodic signals in either triggered or continuous modes. These systems offer 8 or 16 analog inputs with synchronous sampling at up to 50 kHz/channel suitable for mA or voltage signals. The Expert Transient is ideal for high-speed signal acquisition, fault diagnosis, capture of spikes, surges or pulses or crash/detonation/explosion experiments. Onboard memory allows local storage of up to 60 million points and a LAN interface for a NAS device allow virtually unlimited recording to external drives.

Expert Transient systems are equipped with both USB and LAN communications interface for easy connection to a local PC or network.  They can optionally be outfitted with WiFi or cellular/LTE communications modules for remote applications. These systems also include interfaces for serial RS-232/RS-485, SDI-12, CAN, Modbus, OPC and PROFIBUS communications

Expert Transient systems utilize Delphin’s Profisignal Software for configuration and real-time visualization. Profisignal also provides options for reporting, alarm management, and automation plus interfaces to many other industry standard software systems including LabVIEW, DASYLab, and .NET among others.

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