LogMessage Data Acquisition Systems

The Delphin LogMessage is a compact stand-alone data logger/data acquisition system available in several versions with a range of analog and digital inputs and outputs. LogMessage systems are equipped with a LAN communications interface for easy connection to a local PC or network.  The analog channels provide support for mA, mV, V inputs plus RTD, thermocouple or thermistor temperature sensors. Local processing allows for calculations, alarming, statistical and logical functions plus storage of up to 60 million readings. LogMessage systems also include interfaces for serial RS-232/RS-485, CAN and Modbus communications.

LogMessage systems utilize Delphin’s Profisignal software for configuration and real-time visualization. Profisignal also provides options for reporting, alarm management and automation plus interfaces to many other industry standard software systems including LabVIEW, DASYLab and .NET among others.

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