AC Current Data Loggers

AC Current Data Loggers are the ideal data logging solutions for measuring and recording AC power and energy measurements. AC Current Data Loggers are suitable for the measurement of single and three phase AC current readings. These AC Current Data Loggers come in three main types:

  1. Turn-key AC current loggers that are pre-configured with standard plugs, current clamps or Rogowski coils and are designed for general purpose monitoring and energy studies. They are suitable for record trends lasting one or more power line cycles.
  2. Power quality analyzers that record multiple parameters including voltage, current and power. They are suitable for measuring transients that may last a fraction of a power line cycle.
  3. General purpose data loggers that can be fitted with transducers for currents from <1 A to hundreds or thousands of amps which also provide the ability to simultaneously record other parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, etc.

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