AC Voltage Data Loggers

AC Voltage Data Loggers include low-cost single channel loggers and multichannel loggers that measure AC voltages up to 600VAC. There are models of these data loggers that come with built-in plugs for easy connection to the source and models with alligator clips for easy connection to a panel or a piece of equipment.


When choosing an AC voltage data logger for your application, there are a few things you should consider before selecting one. Such as if you need to measure average AC Voltage, RMS AC Voltage, minimum and/or maximum voltage over one or more cycles, or Peak voltage types of measurements. The requirements of the application determine which of these is most appropriate. Average or RMS voltages can be used to monitor long-term trends over periods of seconds to minutes. Minimum/maximum values are used to monitor for sags or surges which may just last a few cycles. and peak values can be used to isolate spikes that last a fraction of a power line cycle.

AC voltage data loggers are perfect for applications such as load studies, electrical circuit troubleshooting, production machine voltage monitoring, and more.

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