Power Data Loggers

Power data loggers are available in DC and AC versions. AC power loggers come in single phase and three phase models. The measure not only the value of the voltage and current but also the phase relationship between them. This information can be used to determine the real and imaginary or reactive power. AC power loggers are used in a number of different applications including energy audits to measure efficiency and evaluate energy-saving retrofits, to track sub-metering for user energy costs, to measure power factor for PFC equipment and for equipment energy usage tracking.

The Electrocorder EC-7VAR is a cost-effective system for three phase power monitoring that provides EN50160 compliant recording and includes easy to use power analyzer software in a complete kit.


The AEMC PEL family of Power and Energy Data loggers provide a comprehensive solution to measure, record and analyze single and three phase AC energy data. The PEL loggers are available in three different models with and without displays, provide Ethernet, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity & store data on a removable SD memory card.

For simpler applications, AEMC also offers the CL407 & CL607 clamp on loggers. The built-in current clamp can be quickly placed around a conductor for short-term measurements. At the opposite end of the spectrum, AEMC’s PowerPad and PowerPad III Power models are excellent electrical data loggers for measuring and recording power (kW, VA, VAR) and performing energy metering (kVAh, VARh, kWh) as well as power quality measurements for harmonics and transients.

DC power loggers provide a voltage input and a current input. They measure both parameters and then multiply the values to determine DC power. DC power loggers are useful for monitoring, solar panels, wind generators and DC motors.

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