Museum Monitoring Data Loggers

Selection of museum monitoring data loggers to track environmental conditions and alarm temperature, RH% and illuminance/UV light. Wireless and remote solutions for monitoring and alarming for your peace of mind.

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Museum monitoring data loggers track and alarm temperature, humidity and illuminance/UV light to protect fragile artwork and other artifacts in galleries and historical sites. These solutions monitor the environmental conditions of exhibits to ensure the continued preservation and conservation of the collection.

Wireless museum monitoring systems with LCD displays allow the data to be viewed in real-time as well as downloaded to a computer or mobile device.

Temperature and humidity alarm systems for libraries, archives, document storage rooms, and for transporting these valuable assets between facilities are available. All data is time-stamped and organizable to show users the effectiveness of their climate control systems and other preventative measures. Museum monitoring data loggers also have the ability to monitor for water leakage in storage areas.

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