Novus products include data loggers, Modbus I/O modules, wireless communication equipment, temperature controllers and process transmitters. USB, Ethernet, Modbus & cellular options. North American distributor.


Portable and wireless data loggers for monitoring and recording analog inputs like temperature, humidity, pressure, and digital, flow pulses or digital open / closed sensor, in most processes, such as industrial, logistics, infrastructure IT, cold chain, among others.

The flexibility and modular design of Novus products make them especially well-suited for custom designed, distributed systems for example to capture temperature data from multiple furnaces spread over a large manufacturing floor and bring it into a single point for storage and display.

Novus products are used in a variety of industries including HVAC, energy, wastewater, oil and gas, agriculture, high-speed applications, industrial, medical, environmental and manufacturing.

CAS DataLoggers is an approved North American distributor providing sales, service, repair and technical support for data logger products.

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