The OdaLog family of instruments includes portable gas loggers primarily designed for the wastewater industry, manufactured by App-Tek International – the industry-proven gas detection specialist for harsh environments.

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The OdaLog loggers are primarily used at a location close to the source of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) emissions such as those found within sewerage pumping stations, receiving manholes, and inside sewer collection lines.

Our OdaLog range of products includes portable odor survey units through to larger online “general area monitors” and “process monitors”. These products are designed to survive in harsh environments in the Wastewater Industry and Underground Coal Mines.

The OdaLog range of accessories, including a 4 to 20mA adapter and dry dock, is designed to accompany our OdaLog loggers and provide you with a complete solution for your Hydrogen Sulfide monitoring needs.

Learn more about Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), what it is, detection, and the impacts on health here.

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