Paperless Chart Recorders

Paperless chart recorders with local graphic display of real-time measurements, digital storage of data and modular design. Perfect for industrial, life science and manufacturing applications. Upgrade your paper-based model.

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Several different models that offer flexible, universal inputs with industry-leading specifications and extensive features in a very cost-effective, modular package.

All of the models include:

  • Built-in Ethernet port with internal web server and email-support
  • Expandable data storage with SD memory card
  • Modbus TCP plus optional serial port with Modbus RTU
  • Universal analog input channels
  • Optional digital input, relay, and analog output cards
  • USB ports for memory sticks
  • Direct printer support

Measure DC voltage, 4-20 mA current, thermocouples or RTD’s. Recorders utilize plug-in cards to allow additional analog or digital input and output channels.  Math, counter, and totalizer functions satisfy the needs of many applications without additional equipment.

Includes PC software for configuration and display of stored or download historical data. Optional software adds the ability to view real-time data on the PC in a number of formats or create fully customized display screens.

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