Portable Data Acquisition Systems

Large selection of rugged, reliable portable data acquisition systems suitable for data collection, measurement/control and troubleshooting problems on the go, in the field, in the laboratory or on the factory floor.

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These lightweight, compact data acquisition systems record many common parameters such as temperature, voltage, current, pressure, and force. Models with internal batteries allow them to be used where AC power is not available and built-in buttons or keypads provide stand-alone operation without a PC.

Portable data acquisition systems and data loggers are designed to withstand the rigors of in the field applications including rough handling and extended operating temperatures. For protection from the environment, “Pelican” style protective cases are available which can be outfitted with custom internal connection panels, external connectors and foam inserts to provide a turn-key grab and go solution.

Systems are available with a range of sample rates from once per day to over a MS/sec.  Many units also allow flexible configurations via different plug-in cards or options which provide a variety of different types of analog inputs, digital inputs, analog outputs and digital outputs. Numerous communications options are also available for real-time monitoring and unloading data including direct connection via Ethernet or USB, wireless connection using WiFi and remote connection via cellular (3G) modems.

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