Portable Data Loggers

If you need a portable data logger for measurements in the field, laboratory or factory floor, portable data loggers are perfect for these applications. Portable data loggers fall into two categories:

  • Dedicated inputs to measure common parameters such as temperature, humidity, voltage or current.
  • Universal or mixed input models that can be configured to accept a wide variety of different types of sensors.

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What Makes a Portable Data Logger Portable?

While nearly all data loggers can be considered portable to some extent, there are five important features that distinguish systems designed explicitly for portable use:

  1. Internal batteries, either easy replaceable or rechargeable for stand-alone operation
  2. Built-in display for easy viewing of live data without a PC
  3. Keypad to directly start/stop logging without other equipment
  4. Large internal memory for extended operation
  5. Easy connection for sensors with screw terminals or plugs

Custom Systems

In some cases, it is not possible to find a standard model to meet all of the requirements for a specific application. If this is the case, a custom system can be engineered to satisfy your needs. Some of the features of these systems include:

  • Rugged, weather resistant cases for protection during shipment and operation
  • Custom connectors for thermocouples and other sensors for quick setup
  • Battery packs for extended operation
  • Custom sensors and cables

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