Pressure Data Loggers

Pressure data loggers for use with temperature, humidity (RH%) and more. USB data logger models with 8,000-point memory, display and built-in pressure sensors for monitoring barometric pressure, pressure of gases and fluids in vessels and pipelines.

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Large selection of general purpose data loggers for temperature, humidity (RH%) and pressure that can be used with separate sensors for custom applications. CAS partners with several leading pressure transducer manufacturers and can suggest a model to fit your exact application. By utilizing a general-purpose data logger, we can help you measure other parameters along with pressure such as temperature and flow.

Perfect for applications such as environmental monitoring, HVAC, trouble-shooting and more. For more demanding applications requiring intelligent, mixed-input and multi-channel data loggers, CAS offers a number of options including models from dataTaker such as the DT-80, the Delphin Expert Key 100 and Grant’s Squirrel range of data loggers.

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