Pulse Data Loggers

Large selection of pulse data loggers. Simple, low-cost single-input to intelligent, programable industrial models with up to 48 inputs. Portable, USB, Bluetooth, and wireless options for any application.

Pulse loggers or digital and event data loggers are used to record digital signals such as switch closures, state changes, relays or solenoid actuation, or the pulse output of devices like flow meters or encoders

When selecting a pulse logger, there are three important factors to consider:

  1. What kind of data are you trying to capture?
  2. What is the voltage of the signal?
  3. Do you need to capture any other data at the same time?

These loggers are used for applications such as recording the data from pulse output flow meters, power meters, or for tracking events like machine cycles or door openings. There are dedicated models that only do pulse counting and mixed input data loggers that have several counter inputs along with other digital and analog inputs.

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