Real-Time Data Acquisition Systems

Powerful, real-time data acquisition systems with predictable, precisely timed measurements for the most demanding applications in research, development, education, testing and manufacturing. Custom systems available.

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ADwin systems provide deterministic, real-time operation with event response times as fast as 1 µsec. or less. A key feature is a high performance local processor which is tightly coupled to analog and digital inputs and outputs along with an optimized RTOS to provide extremely repeatable, low latency operation.

They are available in three form factors:

  1. ADwin-Light-16 which offers 8 analog inputs
  2. ADwin-Gold/Gold II with 16 analog inputs
  3. ADwin-Pro-II which utilizes a modular form factor with plug-in modules to allow up to 480 analog or digital inputs in a single chassis.

There are also a variety of other I/O options including CANbus, SSI, Profibus/Fieldbus, RS-232/485, and signal conditioner modules.


ADwin real-time data acquisition systems are used for testing automotive components, sensors and ECU’s, electrical component testing, control of servo-hydraulic systems, motion control, laser and electron beam control, signal generation and high speed, synchronized data acquisition. ADwin systems are used world-wide by leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers, research and education organizations, testing labs and equipment builders.


The ADwin software environment can be used under Windows (Windows 7, 8, 10) and LINUX or as a stand-alone data acquisition system. Also, ADwin has drivers for most popular programming environments including VB, VC/C++, LabVIEW, TestPoint, and others. For modeling and simulation, the ADsim software provides a convenient way to build, debug and execute complex Matlab/Simulink models on the latest ADwin Gold-II and Pro-II systems.

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