Resistance Data Loggers

Large selection of resistance data loggers. 2 to 48 inputs with mixed-input,  USB, serial, WiFi, Ethernet and cellular options. For thermistors, RTD’s and string pots for measuring resistance of test samples.

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Resistance is unique in that the measurements may easily span nine orders of magnitude from milli-ohms to mega-ohms which require the use of different measurement techniques to obtain accurate measurements based on the range being measured. CAS offers both dedicated resistance data loggers that are specifically designed for the measurement of RTD’s, or thermistors and universal input data loggers that include voltage or current sources and voltage or current measurement circuits that can stimulate the device under test, measure the response, and automatically calculate resistance values.

If you need an accurate measurement of small resistances (0-100 ohms) our dataTaker and Grant Squirrel data loggers have the ability to take 4-wire measurements for RTDs or other sensors. These devices inject a current through one pair of wires and then measure the voltage through a second pair of wires.

While most of the common measurements fall between the 0 and 100,000 ohm range, specialized sensors such as conductivity of material test samples may require the measurement of very high resistance values. In these cases, we can help you configure a system to allow measurements into the mega-ohm range.

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