RFID Data Loggers

RFID data loggers are ideal for simple, easy and cost-effective monitoring and recording of temperature during shipping and storage. Utilizing multiregional UHF readers with Bluetooth, they are ideal for cold chain, transit, shipping, warehouse and more.

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RFID data loggers are temperature tags with integrated antennas for short to medium range applications. CAEN RFID provides state-of-the-art radio frequency identification (RFID) enabled temperature sensor tags and readers for perishable products that may be damaged when exposed to improper temperatures during shipment and storage.

RFID data loggers can be configured to store samples at intervals from 1 second to 18 hours in the internal memory that can contain up to 3,958 samples. Define up to 16 temperature ranges with independent threshold alarms for accurate monitoring of the temperature excursions.

The loggers can be used for multiple shipments due to the long battery life and the reset function that allows for reduction in the total cost of protecting shipments.

An external probe model makes it possible to measure temperature inside a sealed or protected container.

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