SDI-12 Data Loggers

Large selection of SDI-12 data loggers for sensors with an SDI-12 interface such as weather stations, water quality, soil moisture and other environmental sensors. Mixed-input, intelligent models.

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SDI-12 data loggers capture and record data from sensors with an SDI-12 interface. These loggers are typically used in remote locations for applications such as weather stations, water quality, water level or flow, soil moisture and other environmental applications. Communication options include serial, USB, WiFi Ethernet and cellular.

The dataTaker DT8x family offers the easiest to use SDI-12 data logging systems available. Unlike other systems, the dataTaker loggers provide a high-level interface command set that makes collecting data from SDI-12 devices easy and painless. The Delphin Expert Logger systems combine analog and digital inputs with SDI-12 interface capability and an extremely powerful programming environment. These solutions are also available with cellular modems that allow them to function in the most remote locations so you can easily access your data from anywhere.

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