Serial Data Loggers

Large selection of serial data loggers for serial interfaces RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485. 2 to 48-input, mixed-input models. For environmental or equipment monitoring, automotive testing, industrial processes & more. .

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Serial data loggers capture and record data from devices with RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 serial interfaces. These serial loggers are used in applications such as environmental monitoring, machine or equipment monitoring, automotive testing, industrial processes, manufacturing and more. Communications options include serial, USB, WiEthernet and cellular.

The Acumen SDR2-CF2 serial data logger provides an inexpensive solution for basic recording of ASCII RS-232 serial data to a removable Compact Flash card. If you need to capture RS-422/485 or Modbus signals or need to measure analog and/or digital data while gathering serial data at the same time, the dataTaker DT8x family of universal input data loggers is one of the most flexible standalone systems available.

Likewise, the Delphin Expert and ProfiMessage families provide high-performance recording of analog and digital signals along with multiple RS-232/485 ports for serial data streams.

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