Stand-Alone Data Loggers

Best selection of stand-alone data loggers. Solutions for any measurement including temperature, humidity, current, voltage and digital signals. Rugged, battery powered, portable models suitable for industrial, environmental and life sciences solutions.

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Stand-alone data loggers are used by a broad range of customers across every industry including environmental, industrial, structural, geotechnical, manufacturing, process management, scientific, laboratory and education when PC or network connectivity is not an option. With ample built-in memory, stand-alone data loggers are the perfect solution when your project is in a remote environment or you require the flexibility that a portable system provides.

Models range from simple, low-cost units such as the VersaLog family of data loggers to multifunction, intelligent and high-speed models from dataTaker and Delphin. Universal input loggers offer 2 to 48 inputs expandable to 100’s of channels. Available communications options include USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular and Ethernet.

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