TandD Data Loggers are versatile, cost-effective loggers with USB, Ethernet and wireless connectivity for measuring temperature, humidity, voltage, pressure and more. Solutions for any data logger application. USA distributor.

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If you need to monitor temperature for an industrial process, a medical storage unit, or a storage room environment, then TandD Data Loggers are the solution for you! T&D Graph enables direct access to data whether it has downloaded to a local computer or uploaded to T&D WebStorage Service. The data filtering feature allows you to search for and analyze data with user-defined criteria and display the highest, lowest, and average measurements for a specified time span.

TandD is Japan’s bestselling manufacturer of temperature data loggers and is popular worldwide for their reliable and affordable wireless monitoring systems.

TandD offers compact, waterproof temperature loggers for harsh environments, wireless temperature, humidity, voltage data loggers, temperature and humidity loggers with USB, Bluetooth or Ethernet interfaces, high accuracy temperature recorders, and micro web servers for any application.

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