RTR Wireless Data Loggers

The RTR Wireless Data Loggers by TandD includes 13 different types of loggers and 5 different data collectors to meet all your measurement needs including temp, humidity, voltage, current and more. Range up to 150 M.

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The RTR wireless data loggers series by TandD includes 13 different loggers and 5 different data collectors to meet a variety of measurement needs. The loggers cover a wide range of measurement requirements including temperature, humidity, voltage, current, pulse count, light level and CO2

They utilize a wireless interface to communicate with base stations at a range of up to 150 meters to send data and alarms. Repeaters are also available to extend this distance.

The RTR Wireless series also includes the RTR-322 log-EZ, a low-cost temperature and humidity data logger that connects directly to a PC via a small wireless USB dongle.

Data can be sent to a local PC and displayed using the TandD Graph Software that is provided with the base station, or it can be sent to the free cloud-based TandD Web Storage Service, providing the ability to view data anywhere a standard web browser is available. The software provides a number of advanced features including real-time monitoring, automated data download, email and local alarming.

The TandD RTR Wireless Data Logger series is ideal for applications such as a refrigerator and freezer monitoring, monitoring temperature and humidity in factories, warehouses, museums, server rooms, vehicle and in-transit shipments and moving equipment.

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The RTR Wireless series has been replaced by the new RTR-500B series and we recommend the RTR-500B series for all new customers. The RTR-500B series provides additional capabilities at the same price – click here for the RTR-500B series.

There are limited quantities of the RTR-500B series still available. If you are still interested in purchasing this model, please call us at 1-800-956-4437 or email us at sales@dataloggerinc.com for pricing and delivery information.

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