RTR500B Series Wireless Data Loggers

The RTR500B Series is the new generation model of the RTR-500 series, designed to measure and record a wide variety of physical data and a range of base stations to enable wireless collection of recorded data.

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Automated data collection, monitoring, and transmission of warning events are performed by using a robust wireless communications protocol that can operate in a wide range of environments.

The RTR500B Series of remote units includes data loggers for temperature, humidity, voltage, 4-20mA, pulse, illuminance, UV, and CO2 concentration. The base station selection includes the RTR500BW for uploading collected data to the cloud via WLAN/wired LAN, the RTR500BC for sending data to a PC with a direct USB connection, the RTR-500MBS-A for transmitting data via a mobile network, and the portable RTR-500DC.

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Note: this new series effectively replaces the RTR-500 series of loggers 

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