TR-5i Infrared Data Loggers

The TandD TR-5i Infrared Data Loggers include 7 models of easy-to-use waterproof, compact, durable loggers for measuring temperature, voltage, 4-20mA, and pulse count. Their low energy consumption design means longer battery life—up to 4 years on a single battery based on sample rate and download interval.

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They offer a built-in display and alarm indicator for local monitoring. The large internal memory for up to 16,000 data points provides almost 2 years of storage at a 1-hour sampling interval.

Two options are available for collection of stored data: an easy to use IR enabled handheld collector for on-site use or a portable data collector with a USB connection for use with a PC. Both data collectors are supplied with the TandD Recorder for Windows Software which provides a convenient way to configure the loggers, download stored data, generate graphs of measured data and export it as text files for use in other analysis programs.

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