TR-7Ui USB Data Loggers

TandD TR-7Ui USB Data Loggers record temperature, humidity, light or CO2 and offer a convenient USB interface for connection to a Windows PC for configuration, real-time monitoring, and data download.

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The TandD TR-7Ui USB Data Logger series includes 3 different models for measuring temperature and humidity and other environmental parameters such as CO2, UV, and barometric pressure. They offer a convenient USB communication interface for connection to a Windows PC for configuration, monitoring and data download. They also come with an infrared (IR) communications interface for use with the handheld TR-57DCi Data Collector to offload data when a direct connection to a PC is not possible.

They are supplied with the TandD Recorder for Windows Software, an easy to use software program to configure and monitor the data loggers and to download, display and save recorded data.

For the CO2 loggers, the CO2 Recorder for Windows Software adds the ability to chart CO2 levels.

The illuminance data loggers come with the Illuminance UV Recorder software which provides the ability to integrate readings to get a cumulative light level. This measurement is critical in museums or other artwork and document preservation applications.

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