Test Stand Data Acquisition Systems

Test stand data acquisition systems for automating measurement and control of material testing equipment, electrical or mechanical component tests, end of line testing, reliability evaluation, calibration stands and dynamometers.

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These systems are suitable for all phases of product test:

  • In research to better understand material or component properties and failure modes
  • During development, to ensure a product meets the requirements and standards set out in the specification and to study the effects of different environmental conditions
  • During manufacturing to verify a consistent level of quality
  • In endurance and reliability testing to verify long term performance and product life.

These systems are installed in hundreds of locations worldwide in applications including servo-hydraulic control, luminaire testing, furnace, air conditioner and appliance testing and fluid control device testing.

These test stand data acquisition systems offer the flexibility to mix and match I/O to meet the specific needs of the test, easy connection via Ethernet, USB or WiFi. Available serial, Modbus, CAN and Fieldbus options allow easy connection to other equipment such as power supplies, environmental chambers and specialized measurement instruments.

These systems are able to interface to many common software development and analysis tools. Measured data to be easily exported into programs such as Excel, Word or to text files that can be imported in other packages.  

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