Thermistor Data Loggers

Large selection of thermistor data loggers with 2 to 48 inputs. USB, WiFi, Ethernet & serial options. Measure thermistor resistance and convert to a temperature for any application. Industrial & portable R&D models.

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Thermistor data loggers consist of two types: loggers that are designed specifically for thermistor measurements and general-purpose data loggers that can measure the resistance of the thermistor and convert it to a temperature. Thermistors are designed to have a specific resistance vs temperature characteristic that the data logger is able to accommodate.

Thermistor sensors are more sensitive than thermocouples or RTD’s. Unlike thermocouples, they do not need a cold junction reference and provide an absolute measure of temperature.

Like RTD’s, the resistance of a thermistor changes with temperature, but the amount of change per degree is larger than an RTD. In some cases, the change per degree differs by as much as several percent per degree. This makes the conversion from resistance to temperature more complicated and it also limits the practical range of temperature measurements. Thermistors are suitable for applications requiring a high accuracy measurement.

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