Thermocouple Data Acquisition Systems

Flexible, accurate thermocouple data acquisition systems suitable for the measurement of temperature in research, lab and industrial applications. Custom systems available.

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These units can be expanded to measure as many as 700 thermocouples. A key feature of these systems is the flexibility to monitor other parameters in addition to temperature.  They can be configured with voltage/current inputs, digital I/O, and counters/frequency inputs making them suitable for many types of projects including equipment test stands, component testing, quality assurance, reliability testing, and R&D. For real-time monitoring, configuration and data retrieval, a variety of communications options are available including USB, Ethernet and WiFi.

An important factor to consider in selecting a thermocouple data acquisition system is the ability of the system to provide accurate measurements. Because thermocouples provide a very small, non-linear voltage output and this output is a relative measurement, it imposes some additional requirements on the system:

  • Low voltage measurement capability with microvolt accuracy
  • Accurate cold junction compensation at the point where the thermocouples are terminated at the system
  • Conversion tables using ITS polynomials
  • Measurement filters to reduce the effect of EMI and RFI noise in the environment

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