Universal Input Data Loggers

Best selection of universal input data loggers. Versatile, intelligent, programable. From 2 to 128-plus mixed-inputs. For Industrial, commercial, R&D. High-speed, high accuracy – configure for any application.

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Universal input or mixed-input data loggers are among the most popular and most flexible products. These versatile devices can be configured via software to measure voltage, current, thermocouples, strain gauges, pressure sensor, flow meters and many other sensor types.

Advantages of mixed-input loggers::

  • They can easily accommodate changes to project requirements after the fact.
  • They allow simultaneous monitoring of multiple analog and digital signal types with one data logger–for example, recording temperature using a thermocouple, voltage output of a pressure sensor, and totalizing the pulse output of a flow meter.
  • Many models offer local intelligence to allow calculation of derived values, complex triggering and alarming within the unit itself.
  • They allow the use of a common software across multiple project types saving time and money for training.
  • They can easily be reused for new projects without having to purchase additional hardware.

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