Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

Best selection of vaccine temperature monitoring solutions for CDC compliance in pharmacies, hospitals, and more. Automated remote monitoring and alarming kits and systems. Flexible, simple, reliable.

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 Improper refrigeration is a leading cause of lost vaccines. When vaccines aren’t maintained at the proper temperature (commonly 2-8°C), they quickly lose their potency so that children are at risk for infectious diseases.

The CDC’s 2018 Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit states that the surest way to avoid losing these valuable vaccine supplies is to use a vaccine temperature monitoring system for every medical storage unit.

The Accsense Vaccine Storage Temperature Monitoring Kit provides an ideal solution for temperature monitoring and alarming needs for health clinics, health departments, hospitals, pharmacies, and other facilities.

Kits come in both WiFi and wired Ethernet versions allowing you to continually monitor the temperature in a refrigerator or freezer and also provide customized alarming and data storage.

With inputs for 2 RTDs and one thermocouple, the flexible Accsense A2-05 pod is a cost-effective way to monitor vaccine storage units, regular and ultra-low freezers, and even liquid nitrogen chambers.

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