Voltage Data Acquisition Systems

Modular, flexible voltage data acquisition systems for scientific, R&D and industrial applications, with models offering USB, Ethernet or WiFi interfaces, sample rates up to 50 MS/s and expandable I/O.

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These systems can capture voltage signals from a variety of sensors, electronic devices or other equipment. They are used in a range of diverse applications, for example, to monitor hydraulic pressure as part of a product test, for testing and fault diagnosis of electronic components, and for basic research into the properties of materials. Models are available with sequential or simultaneous measurements and sample rates from once a second to 50 MHz.

In addition to measuring voltage signals these voltage data acquisition systems offer the flexibility to mix and match I/O to meet the specific needs of the applications with hardware options including analog outputs, digital inputs and output, pulse and frequency counters and signal conditioning. The systems offer easy connection to a PC via Ethernet, USB or WiFi. All of the systems are available with software for configuration, real-time monitoring and analysis, data storage and data export to common software tools.

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