Voltage Data Loggers

Large selection of AC & DC voltage data loggers to choose from for any application. Monitor, analyze and record data. For sources ranging from batteries, solar panels and power supplies to power line voltage.

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There are two types of voltage data loggers: those that measure DC voltage from sources like batteries, solar panels or DC power supplies and AC voltage data loggers that measure power line voltages. Once you have determined whether you need to measure DC or AC voltage, the next most important factor in selecting a logger is knowing the voltage range to be measured.

In the case of DC Voltage Loggers, typical measurement ranges are low level signals in the millivolt (mV) range which may be output directly by some sensors, voltages in the 0-1 or 0-10 volt range which are output by pressure sensors or individual battery cells, 0-100 volts which is typically found in smaller solar panels or multi-cell battery packs and finally 100+ volt ranges which are found in large solar arrays, large battery packs or high power systems.

For AC Voltage measurements, there are several families of data loggers that directly accept AC voltages up to 1000 VAC. Single-phase models where there is only one voltage input and three phase models that are suitable for industrial/commercial power measurements are available.

Lastly, some applications require a mix of both DC and AC voltage measurements or a combination of voltage measurements along with other measurements such as temperature, pressure, current, etc. Universal Input Data Loggers are ideal for these kinds of projects. A complete package including the logger and transducers can be provided to enable almost any mix of signal input types.

Transducer Support
If you need to measure voltages that are beyond the standard input ranges of these data loggers, transducers can be provided that are suitable for up to hundreds or thousands of volts and will work with general purpose data loggers that allow measurement of most voltages and currents found in residential, commercial or industrial applications. These loggers also allow the measurement of other input signals types besides voltage and current.

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