WiFi Data Loggers

WiFi data loggers are ideal for use in environments such as:

  • Locations that have limited physical access
  • Moving or rotating equipment
  • Trucks and other commercial vehicles that come and go

WiFi Data Loggers can be used for all types of applications including refrigerator/freezer monitoring, oven temperature profiling, environmental monitoring, vaccine monitoring, temperature monitoring, and more.

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WiFi Data Loggers include a built-in 802.11 WiFi wireless interface for easy connection to a network. By utilizing a WiFi connection with your existing network, you can eliminate the cost of running LAN cables, but there are other use cases that benefit from this type of connection. WiFi loggers from dataTaker and Grant  support ad-hoc connection directly to a PC for use in the field or locations where it is not possible to access an existing WiFi network.

Customers can simply use the WiFi interface to connect to the data logger for local use, or an even more powerful solution is to use the wireless interface to automatically stream data to a cloud-based data storage/presentation service like the TandD Web Storage Service for an automated monitoring and alarming solution.

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