Wireless Data Loggers

Wireless data loggers are ideal for applications where there are challenges in collecting real-time and recorded data. Some examples include:

  • Support for distributed measurements where there are a number of points in distant, separate locations.
  • They eliminate the difficulty and cost to run wires from the measurement points back to a central location.
  • They can take measurements at points on a moving object that prevents the use of wired sensors.
  • They can collect data from a vehicle while it is in motion.
  • They allow data and/or alarms to be collected from a site that is difficult to access or does not offer regular internet connectivity.

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Wireless data loggers include specific models for common measurement types such as: voltage, current, temperature, and humidity, as well as universal input data loggers that can be easily configured for a wide range of signal/sensor types.

Wireless data loggers are available with different types of wireless communications interfaces such as: WiFi, ISM, Bluetooth, Cellular, and Spread Spectrum. Click Here for applications requiring multi-channel, mixed- or universal input solutions, or intelligent, customizable options.

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