Calibrating Emissions Dynamometer Equipment

Influx Rebel Vehicle Data Logger CAS DataLoggers recently provided the data logging solution for a large and well-known original equipment manufacturer using a standard production diesel vehicle to calibrate the emissions dynamometer equipment at their plant. The test vehicle was locked in place with its wheels parked on pairs of large metal rollers. Using weights … Continued

The World’s Fastest DT80

dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Data Logger Hits The Track Stephen Harrison, an employee at dataTaker Pty Ltd and Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand, asked himself the question “How fast can a DT80 go?” The answer to date has been nearly 149 MPH and 0-124 MPH in 10 seconds. Stephen took his work both to … Continued

Making High Resistance Measurements with DT8x Data Loggers

For the DT8X Family of Data Loggers To measure the resistance of a particular device, the bestselling dataTaker DT8x family of data loggers uses the common technique of sourcing a highly accurate current through the device, measuring the resulting voltage, and then calculating the resistance as V/I. There are 2 current sources available at 2.5 … Continued

Upgrading DT8X Firmware Remotely

For the Best-Selling dataTaker DT8x Series of Data Loggers Users working with the best-selling dataTaker DT8x series of data loggers can easily upgrade their firmware remotely with the use of dataTaker’s DeTransfer supervision software, provided as a free download from the manufacturer. The DT8x series is renowned for its flexibility across many applications, its rugged … Continued

Data Logging With Remote UMTS Access in Natural Gas Dehydration Plants

Delphin Data Acquisition Systems Provide Remote Monitoring Solution CAS DataLoggers recently provided the data acquisition solution for a state-owned oil and gas company located in Eastern Europe involved in developing natural gas in distant gas fields. The gas came out of a wellhead for processing in either of two dehydration plants. These plants extract water … Continued

Configuring DT8x Data Loggers to Interface with Maple Displays via Modbus

Modbus Data Loggers Assist with Multiple Devices in the Field and Onsite Customers occasionally need to perform the task of interfacing their data loggers with the popular line of Maple displays, whether viewing their data on the plant floor or out in the field. Following is a quick tutorial on configuring the bestselling dataTaker DT8x … Continued

Biogas To Energy From Waste To Watts

DT80M Data Logger Monitors Methane Gas PMP Environmental’s tapioca starch plant in Sumatra, Indonesia became increasingly concerned about the impact of greenhouse gas emissions and rising energy costs. These factors became the impetus for the plant to search for a solution to these pressing environmental issues, and eventually the plant began considering biogas, a combination … Continued