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Monitoring Energy Efficiency in a Display Home

Versatile Datalogging Solution from dataTaker CAS Dataloggers recently provided the datalogging solution for a large manufacturer of thermally efficient and lightweight building panels whose insulated products were used extensively in the construction of a highly energy-efficient home. The manufacturer wanted to set up continual temperature monitoring over an extended period of time that would demonstrate … Continued

Power Metering with a DT80 Using WattNode Transducers

dataTaker DT80 Datalogger Performs Power Monitoring CAS DataLoggers recently provided the power monitoring solution for a large concrete manufacturing plant that needed to monitor power consumption in conjunction with many other electrical parameters to regulate not only energy efficiency but also fluctuations in the local power grid. The plant had strict requirements on how their … Continued

Earth Ground Fault Remote Alarming & Fault Detection for Power Grids

Infinite BSC-50 Remote Alarming System with Built-in GSM/GPRS Modem CAS DataLoggers recently provided the datalogging solution for an electrical utility company which needed to send alarms from remote stations in the event that the local power grid went down, and in other special cases including operational faults and security breaches. The entire time a substation … Continued

Cold Atom Quantum Physics Experiment

ADwin-Pro Modular Real Time Data Acquisition and Control CAS DataLoggers provided the data acquisition and control solution for an associate professor of physics at a major university running an experiment producing ultracold quantum gases containing either bosons or fermions. The experiment took place under ultra-high vacuum inside a pyrex glass cell. Researchers collected the atoms … Continued