Wireless Greenhouse Monitoring and Control

CAS DataLoggers Provides the Intelligent Automated Solution A fruit crop experiment station needed to remotely monitor and control its climate systems in a number of greenhouses.  The proposed system needed to monitor soil moisture content and temperature and actively control irrigation and airflow by opening and closing windows to ensure that the appropriate temperature was … Continued

Remote Monitoring For a Hangar Backup Generator

Cellular Modem Logger Saves Millions in Repair Costs Recently CAS DataLoggers provided the remote monitoring solution for a company working on a new method to reduce condensation damage to aircraft kept in a hangar under simulated desert conditions. This damage resulted in millions of dollars in maintenance and repair costs each year, so crews were … Continued

Control, DAQ and Calculation–All Using a dataTaker

Series 3 dataTaker Data Logger Saves on Costs A company contacted CAS DataLoggers with a controlled atmosphere environment project as part of pilot testing for a new process. To reduce costs, existing equipment was used wherever possible. The hostile atmosphere produced was found to be incompatible with available humidity sensor technologies, requiring these measurements to … Continued

Monitoring Temperature for Quality Control in Pet Food Production

CAS DataLoggers Provides Automated & Centralized Monitoring To ensure that pet food production meets demanding FDA requirements, manufacturers must continually monitor the temperature of their extruding equipment to document that their food is properly processed and safe. A CAS DataLoggers customer held to these requirements called in with a request to monitor the data from … Continued

Upgrading Firmware and Retrieving Data on a dataTaker DT8x Using a USB Drive

Convenient USB Transfer Saves You Time and Hassle Many manufacturers and organizations use dataTaker data loggers for their machine monitoring, temperature profiling, remote monitoring, and other applications. The dataTaker DT8X product line offers you the convenient ability to use a USB stick to handle useful functions including updating the firmware and retrieving data from these … Continued

UPS Power Monitoring from CAS DataLoggers Solves Voltage Problems

Single Phase 300Vac Data Logger Kit Pinpoints Power Dropouts Recently CAS DataLoggers Applications Specialist Pat Picciano recommended the EC-1V Single Phase Voltage Logger Kit to solve a customer’s UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source) power drops, revealed when the owner returned to work in the mornings and saw repeated indications of voltage problems. The UPS powered the … Continued