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Monitoring and Controlling Pretreated Liquid Waste

Intelligent dataTaker System Handles All Data Collection CAS DataLoggers has just provided an intelligent data logger for a manufacturer facing stringent environmental regulations requiring them to continuously monitor and manage their effluent disposal.  Before effluent is discharged from the facility, it had to be heavily treated in a pre-treatment pool. This particular manufacturer had an … Continued

Monitoring a Vacation Home Through the Winter

Wireless Data Logger Monitors Residential Temperature and Humidity CAS DataLoggers recently supplied a low-cost recording and alarming device to a homeowner in the Northeast who needed continual monitoring for his summer vacation home for temperature and humidity. This way the caretaker (a relative) could be alerted whenever the temperature was cold enough to cause burst … Continued

Determining Thermocouple Accuracy on a dataTaker Data Logger

The spec sheets for any of the dataTaker DT8X series of loggers do not contain direct accuracy information on temperature measurements by thermocouple.  Instead it offers a voltage accuracy based on the full scale of the voltage being measured. The Applications Specialists at CAS DataLoggers have assembled this brief tech article to show you how … Continued

Protect Your Data! Log Directly Onto Your dataTaker

Intelligent dataTaker Loggers Store Your Critical Data Onto Memory or USB Our bestselling dataTaker data loggers are used every day in industry, construction, and environmental applications. One of their most convenient features gives users the choice to log data onto a USB thumb drive or just to log directly onto the system’s large internal memory. … Continued