Temperature Monitoring and Alarming in Meat Lockers

Record Temperatures on 8 Channels with Accsense VersaLog recently provided the data logging solution for a slaughterhouse with meat lockers storing product requiring continual temperature monitoring. The company also needed proof of best practices to show regulatory compliance and preserve their reputation. Their frozen meat needed to be maintained at -20°C (-4°F), and the fresh … Continued

Portable Grant Data Logger Used In Demanding Clinical Studies

SQ2010 Logger’s Universal Inputs Save Researchers Time and Hassle CAS DataLoggers has recently provided the portable data logging solution for a promising medical research application. The logger serves as an economical way to back up and support clinical studies into a variety of areas including pain relief. The aim of the study into pain relief … Continued

Make Your Own Weather Station Using a dataTaker DT80M

Modem Data Logging is Ideal for Remote Weather Monitoring Applications Weather stations are a valuable tool for many different businesses and organizations in the community, from the farmer who needs to know the best time for crop planting to the agricultural scientist researching crop yields  to the local news station in its daily weather forecasting. … Continued

Multi-Stage Environmental Monitoring in the Workplace

3-in-1 Environmental Data Logger Measures Temp, Humidity and CO2 CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the Environmental Monitoring solution for a factory with a small series of office rooms experiencing serious air quality issues. Employees reported headaches during the work day, indicating a possible lack of adequate ventilation. These work spaces were located next to the busy … Continued