Verifying Temperatures on an Appliance Test Wall

Connect to Almost Any Temperature Sensor Using a High Analog Input Count Test walls form a convenient way to perform product verification for testing appliances from ovens to dishwashers to stoves. A common example of these product verification setups involves measuring exactly where each appliance’s heat output is coming from. Some facilities use specialized test … Continued

How to Fix the 1st Column in a CSV File From a dataTaker DT8X Series 2 or 3

Intelligent dataTaker Data Loggers Export Into Excel and Other Spreadsheets The need for automated recording and control solutions is increasing in many industries, and our dataTaker data loggers are commonly used in these critical roles. These all-in-one devices log, store and export data into common spreadsheet applications including Excel. The dataTaker DT8X series can sample … Continued

Performance Verification for a Nursing Home Hot Water System

Intelligent Solution from dataTaker Documents Efficiency and Savings CAS DataLoggers has provided the performance verification solution for an HVAC provider monitoring the efficiency of its solar collector water heating system installed in a nursing home. The company’s solar collectors are commonly used to heat residences, pools and hot tubs to provide cheaper hot water. The … Continued