Animal Temperature Monitoring for Conservation and Research

CAS DataLoggers Offers You High Accuracy and Instant Alarming Zoos, shelters, universities and other organizations often need to monitor and record animal temperature for conservation and research. These applications include both short-term and ongoing projects in species conservation, animal husbandry and incubation. In many of these projects, staff also need alarming capability for key events … Continued

A Research Lab Goes Paperless

Brainchild Data Logger Records Temperature on 6 Channels CAS DataLoggers has provided the paperless chart recording devices for a medical research laboratory undertaking a set of experiments requiring real-time temperature monitoring. For years staff relied on outdated paper chart recorders but now they wanted to make the switch to digital and avoid wasting time hunting … Continued

Verifying Temperature and Humidity Controls in a Wine Cellar

CAS DataLoggers Provides Inexpensive Environmental Monitoring CAS DataLoggers recently provided the standalone monitoring solution for a homeowner who wanted to check the climate control system installed in his 2-room wine cellar. Constant temperature monitoring is crucial to wine quality. Improper storage of kegs and wine bottles can have a negative impact; for example white wine … Continued

Point-to-Point Range for Accsense Monitoring Systems

Wireless Monitoring and Alarming for Healthcare and Industry CAS DataLoggers manufactures and supplies its Accsense monitoring and alarming systems to provide users with cloud-based data storage and reporting and also serves as a convenient temperature alarm system complete with email, pager, and phone alert capabilities. Combined with the Accsense Wireless Data Logger Gateway, these cost-effective … Continued