Monitoring Air Compressor Runtime and Current

CAS DataLoggers Helps an Installer Achieve Cost Savings Compressed air is a commonly used power source by manufacturers worldwide. As manufacturing capacity expands, compressor capacities also need to increase to meet the greater demand. Therefore it’s important to select a compressor with the correct capacity –if a compressor is too large for the job, it … Continued

Environmental Testing of Two 58U91 DC-DC Converters

Burn-In Procedure Uses dataTaker DT85 from CAS DataLoggers Objective: To monitor the performance of one or two of North Atlantic Industries’ DC-DC Converter products over the temperature range of approximately -60C to +80C using a dataTaker DT85 intelligent data logger provided by CAS DataLoggers. Read more in the full article by clicking the PDF above.

Converting USB Stick Data to FAT32 File Format with dataTaker Loggers

From CAS DataLoggers, the North American Master Distributor for dataTaker Until relatively recently, USB memory sticks typically used FAT32 file format, but by and large this is no longer the case. This can occasionally cause an issue when using a datalogger with a USB port. Consequently, as part of our free technical support, we at … Continued