Sous Vide Cooking Using a Temperature Data Logger

CAS DataLoggers Helps a Chef Ensure That Food Temperatures Are Just Right CAS DataLoggers has just supplied the temperature monitoring solution for a large caterer specializing in cooking sous vide food (French for ‘under vacuum’). This increasingly popular style uses thick vacuum-sealed pouches to slow-cook food at below boiling temperatures anywhere from half a day … Continued

CAS DataLoggers Provides the Providers With Server Cabinet Monitoring

Turnkey dataTaker System Handles a Large-Scale Temp/RH Application CAS DataLoggers has just provided the turnkey data logging system for an ISP with a large server storage room requiring continual temperature and humidity monitoring at 750 points over wall-length 23″ air-conditioned storage cabinets. Management wanted an integrated monitoring and alarming setup using data loggers with remote … Continued

Wireless Monitoring and Alarming System for IVF Incubators

A Clinic Uses Accsense to Cover All Monitoring Points and Values CAS DataLoggers has recently provided the automated monitoring and alarm system for an in vitro fertilization clinic which needed a wireless setup to monitor and alarm several double stack CO2 injection incubators. These medical incubators were used for embryonic implantation as opposed to storage, … Continued

Materials Testing Applications: Monitoring Temperature

Automated Monitoring and Alarming Systems At CAS DataLoggers we frequently supply data logging systems for customers needing a solution for product verification and safety/reliability testing. The summer season is an ideal time for many outdoor test applications: for example, roofing materials can simply be left out in the heat to see how they perform in … Continued