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Accsense IT Checklist

Quick Checklist for Our Plug and Play Monitoring Systems Accsense monitoring systems from CAS DataLoggers are ideal for many different applications including temperature monitoring in the life sciences, cold chain monitoring, and industrial equipment monitoring. These wired and wireless data logging systems continually monitor several values including temperature, humidity, voltage/current and more. All your data … Continued

Qualify for a Green Energy Rebate with Our Solar Data Loggers!

Green Energy Tax Credits Can Lower Your Energy Bills Homes, businesses and schools across the nation are taking advantage of new federal and state solar energy rebates and tax credits to cut their energy costs. Data loggers are the ideal way to record your solar system’s wattage capacity and compare it against what was promised. … Continued

Internet Connection Alarming with Accsense Data Loggers

Accsense Continual Monitoring and Alarming Systems from CAS DataLoggers At CAS DataLoggers we occasionally receive calls from Accsense users asking if and when they should manually disconnect their connection alarms, since by default the system’s alarms are always on. For example, hospitals often conduct periodic tests on their generators to verify that backup power is … Continued

Monitoring and Alarming Failing AC Compressors

8-Channel Accsense VersaLog Monitors and Alarms Current/Voltage A CAS DataLoggers Applications Specialist took a call from a processing plant that needed to monitor the recent current and voltage fluctuations in several of their failing single-phase compressor motors. The plant manufactures ice cream and other popular desserts, and AC motors in refrigeration units run constantly to preserve … Continued