Keeping a Running Average Using Series 3 dataTaker Data Loggers

Selectively Average Your Data with Series 3 DT8x Data Loggers CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that dataTaker has released the beta version of their latest firmware update for Series 3 dataTaker data loggers. Firmware version 9.10.4890 includes several bug fixes and also contains a useful function which lets users more easily keep a running … Continued

Hydraulic Valve Test Bench Setup Utilizes an ADwin DAQ System

CAS DataLoggers Helps Design, Manufacture and Program Test Setup In 2009 CAS DataLoggers helped design, assemble and program the data acquisition and control solution for an Ohio manufacturer who needed a test bench setup for their directional control valves. In this application, hydraulic fluid flowing through a line inside a model of military aircraft was … Continued

Gas Turbine Vibration Monitoring in a Refinery

DAQ System from CAS DataLoggers Provides Effective Condition Monitoring CAS DataLoggers has just provided the vibration monitoring solution for a refinery relying on a gas turbine-driven generator to provide power for the facility. Continuous vibration monitoring is critical not only to protect against catastrophic failures but also for condition monitoring to allow users to schedule … Continued